User-centered & unique design for your product

I’m Natalia Cebotari and I’ve worked for 50+ clients to help them with product, UI / UX and visual design. 7+ years of design experience.

Selected Clients: Ripple, Dreamstart Labs, Superside.

How can we design accessible design system while delivering Ripple’s brand voice to customers?

Projects mentioned in:

How can help users to move assets between XRPL and the EVM Sidechain, ensuring interoperability and quick transaction processing?
How can we onboard large organizations to a new analytics platform in the most efficient way?
How can we help designers to save time by using a systematic approach to illustration?
How can animation help enhance visual design of the landing page?
How can we make the purchase of the OCCs a seamless and easy experience? An Ocean Conservation Commitment (OCC) is an innovative financing mechanism that helps fund the protection of 1 km² of Niue’s ocean waters for 20 years
How can we efficiently collect the environmental, social, governance and financial information?

Skills and Areas of Expertise

Blockchain, Web3



Product Design

UI UX Design

Design Systems

App Design

Website Design


Brand Design

Graphic Design


animation and illustrations i made


selected clients


Creating meaningful design experiences for both international & local brands

Clients from:

London / Los Angeles / San Francisco / Boston / Dallas / Milan / Verona / Geneva / Montreal

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