Niue OCC Project - Website & Blockchain Product Solution

Project Scope



New innovative approach to ocean conservation with the help of technology and blockchain

While critical for both climate and biodiversity, ocean conservation can often be expensive. And for a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) like Niue, where the square kilometers of ocean outnumber the human population by almost 75-to-1, supporting the ongoing management and protection of so much marine territory is a significant financial challenge. The OCC funding structure help ensure adequate and reliable funding for the next two decades.

By sponsoring OCCs, anyone from individuals to corporations to foundations can help support the protection and management of a square kilometer of Niue’s ocean territory for up to 20 years.
How can we turn complex technical blockchain transaction purchase into an easy experience, even for non-crypto savvy users?

The main challenge of the project was to make the user flow as seamless as possible. The goal was to make it easy for the user to understand the concept of OCCs and for them to be able to purchase OCCs quickly without reading any documentation or spending a lot of time in the flow.  

The new platform allows Niue to raise its goal of $18 million in philanthropic donations.
The end-to-end user flow is working successfully with users from more than 21 countries purchasing the OCCs without any issues.
With the help of management dashboard, Niue’s team can also monitor the transactions in real time and view the trends in a visual UI.

1. Project requirement gathering

2. Competitor analysis

3. User flow creation

4. Wireframing

5. Hi-Fi design and prototyping

Taget Audience
  • Existing and future supporters of Niue, who have an ambitious vision to build a resilient and conservation focused economy
  • Existing and future supporters of Ocean and Wildlife Conservation who may or may not have heard of Niue before visiting the site
  • Ecologists, marine biologists, sailors, divers, students and sustainable tourists who have interest in the underwater world and long-term ocean protection
  • Other developing small island states looking towards sustainable development
  • Philanthropists, conservation charities, and those interested in blue economies
  • Enthusiasts of cryptocurrency for conservation
How the OCC platform works

Sustainability goals

User Flow
Accessible Design System
Niue's innovative approach to protecting its oceanic territory

I focused on designing intuitive user flow, as well as developed visual design direction that can support engaging marketing website, the end user-facing product, and the admin dashboard. I collaborated with a large team across multiple timezones and ensured that all stakeholders, both government administrator users to everyday users, could easily use the platform.

Product UI

Website Design

Onboarding screens

Main screen to sponsor OCCs

Sucess state

Issued OCCs screen

Error state

User Profile screen and Transaction History

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As a result, Niue OCC Project helped the country and government of Niue to raise $285k up to date, using the newly built system of crowdfunding ocean conservation. The website can also support their ultimate goal of $18 million.

As UX Lead, here is what I did:

  • Managed 1 other designer
  • Designed web dashboards
  • Converted the needs of Niue and the end user to visual specification to be implemented by the senior developers
  • Reviewed the outputs of senior developers to make sure they meet the visual specification and usability needs of the user
  • Created stunning and readable content driven websites