Brand UI Components Design System

Project Scope



enterprise design systems Challenge
The main challenge when starting a design system for Ripple was that back then there were multiple products in the business ecosystem. However, they all used different visual directions, components, and codebases. I and my team had to create a consistent design system that would bring all the Ripple products under one visual direction, as well as reduce the time to create new features or launch new products.
Bringing brand into product
Over the course of the project, one of my goals was to make sure that Ripple brand personality is evoked in all enterprise products. When creating UI components, there are ways to bring certain elements from branding, while still making sure that the system is accessible and easy to use. UI Design system is build on Foundations that were developed by brand. Such elements as voronoi shapes, or blur effect were used when designing some of the components.
I designed System icons that are used in product UI.
Visual identity systems help companies to solve problems
In order to grow a company like Ripple, it is very important to quickly grow and develop new products. This is when the custom UI components design system plays an important role. It helps to solve main business challenges:
reduces design and development costs
increases user loyalty
Enhances sustainable scalability
UI Components I worked on:
Spot Illustrations
Design Process
Our team developed unique design system processes and went through multiple revisions as well as research of other systems in order to develop such UI components as button, toast and others. We did multiple iterations to analyze and research all the needed component requirements. I developed not only the figma component library but also detailed guidelines and component patterns.
We also worked on incorporating a maintenance process for improving and updating the design system so that everyone in the team can always work with the latest version of features and visuals.
"Can’t have the system we have today without Natalia’s contribution. She have done such amazing job and constantly challenge me to make smarter decisions. Natalia really has been a joy to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with her"
Documentation platform

CBDC Product using the UI components system

Liquidity Hub
The design system has been successfully adopted by multiple products and teams at Ripple and has allowed the company to scale their business. Our designers were able to execute their ideas faster and more efficient.