XRP Ledger Sidechain Wallet

Project Scope



I lead the wallet creation from start to finish

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible XRP Ledger sidechain is a fast and secure blockchain that brings web3 applications to the XRP Ledger community.

About the technology
How can help users to move assets between XRPL and the EVM Sidechain, ensuring interoperability and quick transaction processing?

The main challenge if this project was to turn a technically complex project requirement into an easy to use bridge wallet app. The user experience had to be as intuintive and simple as possible.

User are now able to easily move their XRP and assets between the XRP Ledger and EVM sidechain
  • fast and secure interoperability between both networks

1. Project requirement gathering

2. Competitor analysis

I did competitor analysis to see how existing bridge apps were handling a similar flow. It was important to know what users would expect and be familiar with, but also to take into account specific technical features of the XRP Ledger and the EVM Sidechain.

3. User flow creation

4. Wireframing

5. Hi-Fi design and micro-animations

User flow: end user
Switch network screen
UI Components, I created figma library and tested for accessibility
Mobile adaptation
Tooltip to explain the extra fees to the user.
Processing illustration and animation
Switch network feature

The interesting part of this wallet design is that at any point in the flow, user is able to reverse the UI and network by clicking on the switch network button. 

Project mentioned in:

I also designed landing pages for XRPL.org

XRPL.org is a website that educates developers who want to build on the XRP ledger. The main goal of the project was to organize all the learning materials in an easy way and help to grow XRPL developer community. The landing page had to be attractive for both user groups: starter and expert developers. The design was created based on user feedback sessions and received positive feedback right away. I created the custom illustrations as well.

During the time that I worked in XRPL team, I have also redesigned all the digrams used in documentation portal to make them easier to understand and reflect the branding.

XRP Ledger Developer Resources Landing Page Design
Custom Illustrations
Diagrams and Illustrations for XRP ledger documentation portal
Storyboard for learning series. I was a part of the team guided
the creative direction for the 10 videos.