XRPL Ledger Explorer

Project Scope



How to design an easy to navigate blockchain explorer?

I contributed to the updates to XRPL Explorer. The new explorer serves as a tool to help people look up: historical transactions, accounts, ledgers, fees, exchange rates, timestamps, sequence numbers, node uptime, IP addresses, topology, versions and peers.

Over time more transactions were added to the ledger and it was confusing to the users what each transaction meant. So we added the new approach to differentiate transactions by both type and action, and we added 5 action types each with their own shape.

Create: An open circle

Modify: A filled half circle

Finished: A filled full circle

Cancel: An open circle with a slash

Send: A forward pointing arrow

Six colors were assigned to each category of the transactions.

Design system components
NFT Page
Account Page

At the time of this writing, the XRP Ledger has closed over 48 million ledgers, confirmed over 900 million transactions and opened over 1.5 million accounts in its first 7 years of operation.